Today, we will see Donald Trump at the center of the first Republican Presidential Debate for the 2016 election. How has he found himself in the #1 slot in a seriously crowded republican field? We really don’t know anything about the guy, outside of his real estate empire, and the fact that he ‘knows’ most immigrants from Mexico are drug dealers. Oh, and that he has a big helicopter, and he wants to give your children a free ride in it. But where is Donald Trump on the big issues that conservatives care about?
Traditionally, republican presidential candidates align themselves with pro-life, pro 2A, and Christian values; these beliefs reflect in the legislation they have supported. So why have so many republican voters, according to FOX News polls, chosen Donald Trump as their GOP candidate of choice? I know I’m not one of these Trump supporting republicans.

First, he has zero legislation to back-up his rhetoric. No one, of either party, should ever vote for a candidate without first fact-checking the candidate to see if what they say, and what they do, are one in the same. After all, remaining strong is the cliché, ‘actions speak louder than words’. 

Second, Trump doesn’t know the first thing about the very foundation of the America (our founding fathers intentions which are made very clear in their writings). He went to college for business, and his ability to run a business is arguably unrivaled; his facts check there. The most detailed description in Trumps online ‘about me’ on his campaign page outline his achievements in real estate. 

Seriously though, I don’t care where each of his properties are, and what variation of “Trump Tower” is in the name.

I don’t want a CEO running my country. The President’s job is not to be my boss, he is, in simple terms, one of three systems of checks and balances. The Presidents job is to protect and better the country, and to protect the freedoms of the citizens in their respectively different states. States are endowed the right to have their own distinctive laws, as decided by their people. This is something a businessman, a CEO, doesn’t understand. Leading a massive real estate empire, emboldened with his last name across each piece of property, is a trademark of someone who solely takes responsibility for his creations, and centers himself as the one responsible for its success. America doesn’t need an owner, she doesn’t need a businessman, because frankly she isn’t a business to be run. What America does need, is a President who will protect the morals and values that made her great in the first place.

My biggest, and yet simplest reason why I can’t find myself behind Trump, is because I don’t know his morals. A man who is proud of himself, and credits his success to his efforts, is not a man I will ever support in office. In case that isn’t clear, his success isn’t by his hand, it is by the grace of God. A man who does not have God above himself, will never steer this country in the right direction. 

To continue, as other writers have noted, Trumps official campaign page doesn’t list an ‘issues’ tab, or any hint at where he falls on the most crucial issues this country is facing. How can you run for President and not let your constituents know where you fall on the issues that are most important to them? This brings me back to the three most typical values of republicans. I have already addresses the first being Christian values, but what about abortion. The topic of murdering innocent babies has always been a hot- button issue, but maybe not at any time more than now, considering the ongoing release of Planned Parenthood abortion videos by Center for Medical Progress. I know where all of the other popular candidates stand on the issue,because of their public voting record, however, since Trump doesn’t have one of those fact-checking tools, the closest I got to finding my answer was in a New York Times article citing his pro-choice stance back in 1999. That doesn’t sound conservative. 

Then, there’s the strong conservative value of gun rights. I don’t know a single republican voter who is not passionately a member of the NRA, and who stands unwavering on pro 2A legislation. I haven’t heard an inkling about Trumps stance on gun rights. Even for a republican who doesn’t stand on the Christian faith, Trumps lack of 2A support should be enough for them to cast their vote on another candidate who has proven their gun rights support by means of an A+ NRA rating, and gun rights voting record.

In fact, many of Trumps political actions, or should I say utterances, show him more in a democratic light than a republican one. Why would any dedicated conservative vote for a GOP candidate who has supported, and befriended, the Clintons many times, and who has, in his own words, on national television, admitted that his beliefs fall into liberal views more often than they do conservatives ones. I’m just baffled at the apparent #1 standing he has received in the GOP field considering his nonexistent conservative record.

The only argument I have heard for why republicans support him, is his boldness, and his complete disregard for political correctness. I am all onboard for absolving the whiny call for “PC! PC! That’s not PC! You can’t say that!” While I do find refreshing his bold willingness to ‘tell it like it is’, and on a national platform, say what a lot of us conservative Americans are thinking, I will not vote for a candidate who does not have a proven track record.

Often times I’ve heard, “vote for the candidate you’d want to sit down and have a beer with”. I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to hang out, and drink a Corona with Donald Trump, but then again, I just don’t like when my drinking buddy talks about their own success for 3 hours straight.

Kayla is a Language Arts Education Major at The University of Oklahoma. She loves God, Guns, and Glory.