Mississippi Dinner Roast

My husband and I have recently been trying to eat natural foods, that is unprocessed things. We quickly discovered that as a Southern family it is completely unsatisfying to eat broccoli and grilled chicken for every meal. If you abide by a paleo or comparable diet then more power to you, but it just wasn’t cutting it for this family. Quite honestly we were miserable… Crabby and craving.
Freshly chopped, and read to slow cook!

In the midst of our turmoil we decided to broaden our diet to include good food that, might not be ideal for a strict dieter, at least it was unprocessed and still delicious. I know a lot of produce is genetically modified these days to create many different things, however organic or heirloom everything is not sold in my area so we do with what we have.

Getting back to my point of healthy eating. The idea of this meal is to be as basic and raw in ingredients as possible, while still being a filling and satisfying meal. I originally got the recipe from Pinterest, by searching “roast recipes” and I stumbled upon the Mississippi roast. The difference I have noticed between a traditional pot roast recipe and the Mississippi one is the omission of dry Italian dressing, and the addition of the peperoncinis.

After 3 hours of cooking

In Mississippi style recipes I found it was simply the roast, seasonings, and peppers. This didn’t sound like a hearty meal to me so I added the veggies (2 types of potatoes, carrots, and onion) and turned it into the Mississippi dinner roast.

With out further ado…
Blessings, Oklahoma Chic


1. Spray your crockpot with a nonstick spray (I use coconut oil), this will make cleaning easier
2. Place your roast in the pot
3. Cover the roast with the ranch and gravy mixes, lightly pat the dry mixes into the roast to promotes the flavors penetrating into the meat, place the stick of butter on top
4. Cut your potatoes into quarters, add them on top of and on the sides of the meat
5. Add the carrots and onion, filling in the sides and top of the meat
6. Last, sprinkle the peppers on top
7. Cook for 8hours on low… Or however you know your crockpot to cook. Stirring every 2-3 hours… Or whenever your schedule allows!
8. Savor the flavor!

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Savory Baked Potato Soup


Looking for the right fall soup to warm you up and ring in the changing season? Well this recipe for baked potato soup is my absolute favorite! While I recognize there are tons of recipes available for the same soup, this one is clearly my favorite.

It took me awhile to adapt the original recipe to a consistency and taste that both my husband and I were crazy for, but I believe I finally have it! This recipe is based on Saltgrass Steak House’s baked potato soup. However, I changed the amount of the ingredients to maximize taste. Also, my husband and I like our soup to be, well… soupy. This isn’t a stew therefore it shouldn’t be thick and chunky. Instead it should be smooth, and for the most part, a liquid soup with an exception for the vegetables.

With that said, feel free to change anything to accommodate what your family prefers!

Oklahoma Chic


Note: (I use stainless steel cookware)
1. Bake your potatoes. I put mine in the microwave for 10min increments until the skin in shriveled. Break them apart and let them cool. Be careful they will be very hot!
2.Heat your kettle then add your oil, I use coconut for the neutral taste and health benefits.
3. Add your chopped onion, carrots, green onion, salt, pepper, and garlic. Cook until the onions are translucent and the carrots are tender.
4. While your veggies are cooking de-skin and mash your potatoes. I just mush them into a bowl with my hands. (Make sure they are cooled)
5. Reduce heat to a simmer. Mine is between 2&3. Add half of your chicken broth, then add half of the whipping cream. Stir.
6. Add your mashed potatoes, swirl them around into your mixture. Mashing any remaining lumps.
7. Add the rest of your chicken broth and whipping cream. Let it heat for approx. 5 mins. Making sure it doesn’t burn on the bottom.
8. Finally add your bacon bits and 2 cups cheese. Stir in cheese until it is fully melted.
9. Serve immediately.
10. Top with precooked microwave bacon and any additional cheese.

But my thigh gap is natural

While I understand the intentions of the ‘curves are sexy’, ‘skinny is unhealthy’, ‘real men like curves’ revolution has good intentions, and is in attempt to give girls confidence in their own bodies. I do not like that it demeans girls who are naturally skinny, don’t have hips, and/or have a thigh gap.

I take these ‘real men like curves, bones are for dogs’ rants personally because I naturally and healthily weight 110 lbs, I have a thigh gap, and my hips- well they don’t exisit. I even went as far as going to my doctor to see if I was healthy, because from many different directions I hear ‘you are to skinny’, ‘you can’t be healthy’, ‘you need to eat’. The doctor was shocked and worked very hard to reassure me that I couldn’t be healthier and my body is exactly the way it naturally and healthily should be.

My point is, if you are working to make girls with curvy figures feel sexy and loved don’t hurt girls without curves while doing so.

On why college isn’t what you think it is and why you should consider what is best for YOU

Let me begin by telling you I am currently a junior majoring in Education at a prominent southern university… Okay, The University Of Oklahoma (1st Amendment, right?) so I have that experience to back my opinions, and honestly I have had a pretty disappointing and eye opening experience so far. I don’t attribute this negative attitude of higher education to my university alone, instead I attribute it to the values that the “successful members” of society (usually the academics) puts on getting a post high school degree from a university. With this blog post my intention is to let others know about my experiences with the higher education system and to voice my opinion that college is not the best option for everyone, and it is absolutely not the only road to success… If I knew the truth about what college was really about, while I was a young high school student, I wouldn’t have chosen the collegiate path. Unfortunately like a lot of kids these days I was told from birth that I would go to college, and growing up with this pressed into my young and easily influenced mind I never even considered my other options, here is why you shouldn’t believe what everyone tells you and instead decide what you believe is best for YOU!

My first eye opener about my educational experience so far (and my authority on this opinion stems from actually studying to become a teacher) is that professors are only experts or highly educated individuals in their field, they are not educators, and they are most definitely not teachers. With a Ph.D. comes vast knowledge of a topic and I know that these professors know their material the problem is they don’t know how to teach it and here is why. As a Language Arts Education major I am only required to take 26 credit hours of Education classes out of the required 124 credit hours of classes required for graduation, which means I am taking 98 hours of subjects that don’t involve me learning how to teach. Do you want your kids being taught by someone who only takes eight classes about how to be an educator? I don’t, and if you don’t believe me follow this link http://checksheets.ou.edu/langarts.pdf Yes a lot of my required classes are about Language Arts itself and I believe that those classes are absolutely necessary for me to become the best teacher I can be, and I do need a decently well-rounded education in English but why not make the strong focus on what I will be teaching in high school. I am not seeking a Ph.D. in English so I don’t need to be a master of the literary arts, I simply need to know how to introduce high school students to literature and how to teacher them how to find themes, motifs, etc. of pieces of literature, but most importantly I should learn how to teach them how to problem solve life situations by teaching them how to find these literary devices. The majority of my future kids are never going to need to quote John Donne’s Holy Sonnet 17, they need to learn how to find their own ideas about that work of literature and in doing so learn how to problem solve real life situations.

So to tie this waste of classes back into my point about how professors are just experts in their field and not teachers I pose the question, why must I take so many BS (and this doesn’t stand for bachelor of science…) classes where I am splashed with information in subjects that in no way pertain to my degree of education or my passionate desire to learn how to successfully teach high school students.( I don’t need someone to lecture me on the value of a liberal arts and a well-rounded degree, I have heard it a million times and I don’t care to hear it again.) So why am I required to take these miscellaneous classes throughout my education and those people who seek to be professors (usually only requiring a Ph.D. in the field) are not required to take ONE SINGLE class about how to teach? Out of the many many classes they take to become that doctor of their field they don’t take one class about how to teach their subject, frankly I find this disgusting. It’s lovely if you have your doctorate but if you can’t teach me about your field then why the hell are you a “teacher”. My experience with professors is that they use their “teaching” platform to inform me of their own research (and in a few cases buying a textbook published by them or one of their friends for $100, isn’t that nice…) I firmly believe, out of my three years as a college student my money and my time is being wasted by learning information and subjects that I am not good at, I will never use, and that I am not interested in. Why choose a college major that highlights my intellectual strengths when many of my classes in no way pertain to this subject anyways? So my proposal is, that the class requirements for all degrees be tailored much further into that area of study. And again for the argument that I need to be well rounded, to get accepted into college I had to graduate from High School (or get a GED I suppose) so why must I repeat these classes again? I know what I want to do with my career so why am I forced to spend time in subject areas that I know I don’t want to pursue. The answer to this question unfortunately is money. The cost of a college education is astronomical these days, and universities will suck on your saving account for every penny it is worth (ex. a “walking on the grass fee” at the good ole U of O). Which leads me to my take-away point, if you don’t have the passion for a career that you know with all your heart you want to pursue (ex. doctor, lawyer, meteorologist) one that requires a university degree then don’t go to a university. If I could write a letter to my high school junior self now this is the advice I would give, and to the shock of some, this is the advice I will give to my high school kids when they ask for my honest opinion about their post high school options.

To further my point that college isn’t the best option for everyone, my fiancé knew he wouldn’t go to college, he just knew it wasn’t for him, and honestly I am quite jealous of his accomplishments being a young adult and having the experience, skills, and job security he now has. He works a blue collar job and he makes every bit as much money (plus more) than I will make upon my graduation from college. Yes, a teacher’s salary isn’t much and if that example doesn’t have you thinking then this one will. My Dad attended a trade school (which I believe to be much more valuable than a university education and I highly recommend to everyone, it is hands on and teaches you your desired trade, not all the time wasting liberal arts crap) he works a blue collar job in the aviation industry and makes more than the average attorney with a graduate degree. At $4.5k in a day and a half, all because of a degree at a tech school, now that sounds like college degrees aren’t as valuable as they would like you to believe, and as my example proves, they are most definitely not the only way to a successful life.

In conclusion, of course I am not telling everyone to drop out or to never apply to college. My message is clear; do not feel pressured to attend a university as I did. In my eyes trade schools and tech school are more valuable than universities in a lot of ways. My advice is if you are not dead-set, no changing your mind, born to be, something that is only attainable by attending a university I suggest not going. My suggestion is, if you have an idea, but you just aren’t sure go to a community college before heading off the big fancy state university, that is the mistake I made. I got caught up in the prominence of being accepted to OU while I had no clue what I wanted to study, I’m just blessed I found my calling in education. It has been a very rocky road because I just don’t see the prestige and value that everyone puts on the education I am currently going through (two professors just didn’t show up (no explanations) to class twice this week… good value out of that $8,000 a year tuition right?) As for me, if I knew all of this beforehand, I would have went to cosmetology school (and probably make the same salary, while graduating in only 6 months instead of 4.5 years) but I will continue to battle my way through this experience until I graduate and receive my teaching certificate. Why? Because in the midst of all of these bad experiences I realize that my calling is to inform others and to teach kids, I mean really get through to them. I want to help them be the best individuals they can be because I never had any teachers who cared that much.

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Super Simple (your favorite fruit) Cobbler!!

It is that time of year again! The time where we fill our tummies with the rich and decadent foods of fall. I am usually more of a cook than a baker but recently I’ve been attempting to engage myself in some more baking activities. When I lived at home the go-to desert was always cobbler, pies are little to crusty and bars a little to sweet for us. So with my craving for something sweet I messaged my mom and got one of her many cobbler topping recipes.

For the fruit this time, I decided to use cherry (mainly because that was my mans request) but I was also craving some juicy gooey cherries too 🍒. My recipe, or rather my moms, doesn’t involve a crust (expect when it’s apple or of course if you want one!). We aren’t a big fan of a thick crust on anything from our pizzas to our pies, and that is what I like so much about the recipe, plus it only involves three ingredients outside of your preferred filling. Without crusts you get more of the flavors you crave, and I have seen the idea of crustless dishes gaining popularity on Pinterest lately.

So without further ado, we purchased two cans of pie filling cherries (There was only one size. I want to say around 21oz? I threw them away before checking 😔). Don’t get the cherries you find in the “canned fruit” aisle, as these are not the pie cherrie you are thinking of. I purchased my cans at Walmart down the baking aisle under the appropriately named “pie filling” sign.

The below picture is of the cobbler before baking


Cobbler Topping Ingrediants
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup flour
1/2 stick butter

Melt the butter in a microwave safe bowl deep enough for a blender. I microwave for 30 seconds

(If you prefer more of a crumbly topping DO NOT melt the butter. Instead, cut the room temperature butter into the two dry ingredients with a pastry blender and sprinkle atop your filling!)

Finally, blend the 3 ingredients together until throughly combined


Above is a picture of the cobbler baked to golden goodness

First, I spray the casserole dish with olive oil to avoid any sticking and to make the spooning out as easy as possible. You can use any size oven safe dish you desire based on the quantity of cobbler you are cooking and your desired thickness, it is all preferential. Next, smear your chosen fruit filling throughout the dish. Next crumble and spread the topping over your fruit. The topping will stick together, similar to refrigerated peanut butter, this is normal. I stretch out a glob of the mixture with my fingers and lay it on top of my fruit, pressing it into the fruit where I feel like it needs to be. (Consult my picture to get an idea of what it should look like, it looks similar to the criss cross top of a pie) Once the topping is in place to your liking bake it at 425 for 20-25 mins or until the fruit is bubbling and the topping is golden brown.

The last and most important step… ENJOY
Oklahoma Chic 💋


Loaded Baked Potato and Chicken Casserole

Being a female college student automatically qualifies me to be a “pin-aholic”. I know I know, my lectures are important but the recipes on #pinterest are just so much more enticing. Ever since I flew the nest (and essentially moved directly in with my boyfriend) I have assumed the role of the house hold chef. I didn’t assume this role because of the classic domestic female expectations but because I found that I really really enjoy cooking!!! Being free to create without being “graded” is so relaxing. So with my Pinterest addiction and my newly found love of cooking I aim to try at least one new recipe from the site per week, and for the week this was my new try!



I have tried a variation of it before but since I wasn’t completely sold on it I opted to try a different version. It’s just me and my man as I mentioned earlier so I changed the quantity of the potatoes so that we won’t be struggling to finish it all off for 5 days. I also didn’t have liquid hot sauce so I used red pepper flakes. It calls for 6 Tbps of hot sauce and I only used 1 Tbps of the flakes. Uhm, bad idea, my man likes things hot where as I get a stomach ache from spicy foods, but this was just really uncomfortably hot and he agreed. Lesson learned: if it sounds like a lot it probably is, and adapt things to your personal taste.I also found the 45 min baking time at 500 degrees of the potatoes to be a little excessive, possibly because I used a little less. Anyways here is the original recipe with credit given to the original blog, and pictures of my own creation!

Enjoy, Oklahoma Chic

Click Here For Recipe

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